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Five Surprising Things That Could Ruin Your Next Big Holiday


Going on holiday with your friends and family is an enjoyable experience–at least most of the time. Whether it’s bad weather, flight cancellations or just a poorly-planned vacation, there are plenty of things that could ruin an otherwise fantastic holiday. However, in this post, we’re going to explain a couple of surprising things that you wouldn’t think could ruin your holiday, but absolutely can! Consider these five points as warnings!

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Too much planning

You’d be surprised at how too much planning can ruin a good holiday. If you’re going on holiday for 6 days and have two things planned for each day (both in the morning and evening) then you’re not going to have much time to yourself. The best way to experience a holiday isn’t always to go see all the sights and sounds on offer. It’s to explore at your own leisure and do whatever you want. If you’re constantly rushing from point A to B and getting on public transport all the time.  Also have a very strict schedule, then you don’t have a chance to enjoy your vacation. Instead, plan a couple of things (one thing every two days at most) and use the rest of the time to relax and soak in the sights and sounds.

Not taking your smartphone

So this is a controversial opinion because people tend to say you should avoid taking your smartphone so you don’t constantly focus on it. However, not taking your smartphone can get you lost, it can be hard to communicate with locals without translation services on your device. It also means you don’t have a small and convenient device to take pictures and record videos with. Our opinion? Take that smartphone and a battery bank to charge it.

Thinking nothing can go wrong

When you’re in another country, many of the same rules still apply that would back home. You don’t get aggressive with locals, you don’t run across the road and you need to obey the laws. The last thing you want is to contact a local personal injury lawyer because you were careless and slipped when it was raining outside of a store. You’re going to get injured if you think that your holiday is a paradise where nothing bad can happen!

Poor attitudes

If someone in your group is grumpy and gloomy, then make sure you do everything you can to cheer them up. This is very typical with family members such as children that don’t want to go on holiday. Even friends that got into an argument before getting on the plane. Turn these poor attitudes around or it could end up ruining your holiday!

Being too cheap

Although budget holidays are absolutely fine, it’s important to remember that being cheap doesn’t get you anywhere. If you’re constantly paying for the cheapest hostels to stay at. Eating the cheapest food and doing all the free things while refusing to pay money to go on tours. Or avoid paying go to more unique locations, then your holiday isn’t going to be enjoyable. Instead, try not to be too frugal on your holiday and live a little.

A quick disclaimer: I did not write this post and it is in collaboration with another writer. You can read more about my collaborations and contributors in my disclosure policy, HERE.



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