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Hey guys! I’ve known I’ve been MIA these past couple of weeks. I’ve just had so many opportunities being presented to me and also had a belated birthday trip to NYC! I want to let you guys know what has been happening and thank you for your patience with me. I’m super excited to have …

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Fitness: What It Means To Me

Everyone has a different reason for why they want to be fit, whether it’s medical, personal, aesthetics, etc. Mine is a bit of all. Growing up I was always very athletic. I played softball, soccer, cheerleading and was always on the go from practices to games to competitions. My body naturally developed into a more …

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Places to see in Colorado

After my Labor Day Weekend trip to Chicago, I wanted to go somewhere completely different for my birthday. Somewhere that is not a city, not another country, but a place I can vacation and relax. I found that in Denver, Colorado, the location of my next trip. It was my 24th birthday and my friends …

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LDW: Chicago style!

My next journey takes me to city known as a transportation hub between the eastern and western United States during the 1800’s. Where exactly? Maybe if I referred to it as the “Windy City” or maybe “Chi-City”? My next stop is none other than Chicago, IL. It was Labor Day weekend and my friend and …